Interracial dating in trinidad

26-Jun-2020 14:16

All the signs that the relationship would become problematic were there but I chose to ignore them, clinging to the hope that things would be different; that we can effect some change and show individuals of her family and others that interracial relationships are filled with love and excitement as with any other relationship.

So I pressed the issue after being together for some time for her to introduce “us” to her family.

LAST week’s column piece was written on problems interracial children face and I was so surprised by the amount of good feedback it received, that I decided to write on the reason why we actually have interracial children to begin with; interracial couples. Compared to the times of our grandparents, I wouldn’t say we’re better but at least we are more informed and a bit more accepting when it comes to these relationships.

Whether or not these couples are legally married is not the point, it’s the issue of society, how we perceive these relationships as ‘taboo’.

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It is important for these couples to research and educate themselves on the culture/race of one’s partner.

As the relationship progressed I asked questions like “So are there any mixed persons in the family? The young lady said, “There is a first time for everything and rules were meant to be broken.” In my alone time, I would relive this moment and try to comprehend her response.