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Raised by her mom to be an independent woman, Union used part of the income earned as a model to pay off her student loans.

Union soon dabbled into acting, starting with small roles in TV shows like “Family Matters”, “Saved By The Bell”, “7th Heaven”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” among others.

Gabrielle Monique Union was born on October 29, 1972, in Omaha, Nebraska to a father who is a business executive and a military sergeant.

Her mother was a manager at a phone company.8 years after her birth, her family moved to Pleasanton, California where she ultimately grew up.

Up next was in “Bad Boys II” (2003) where she portrayed Will Smith‘s girlfriend.

Union later said that the movie which was an international success added an amazing boost to her career.

The initial contract revealed that Union would earn 0,000 per episode in Season 4 and 5,000 per episode in Season 5.

Union seems to have a soft spot for rich successful athletes.

Union started out as a model before she transitioned into filmmaking; first, with television and then the big screens.

Prior to accepting the role, Union stated that she would not want a TV series schedule with 20 or more episode as it will be detrimental to her motion picture career and BET agreed to not do more than 13 episodes per season.

However, prior to the premiere of the 4th season, The network sought to merge the 4th and 5th seasons together, to cut costs and avoid paying Union her due raise. Roughly 2 months later, the parties reached an “amicable settlement” with the terms concealed from the public.

Gabrielle and Dwyane have given us no shortage of sweet PDA moments over the years.

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Now we're taking a look at their cutest photos together — keep reading to see them all now, and then check out all the reasons Gabrielle is simply the best!After 6 years in TV, Union began taking minor film roles debuting in teen rom-com “She’s All That” (1999).