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10-Sep-2020 21:11

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For this to work, it’s vital to not forget about calling that invalidation functionality, or the application will keep working with outdated cached data.

In the following we’re going to explore an alternative approach for cache invalidation, which works in a reliable and fully automated way: by employing Debezium and its change data capture (CDC) capabilities, you can track data changes in the database itself and react to any applied change.

Letting blood through cupping and using leeches invalidate wudu.

As for the leakage other than blood, pus and yellow liquid, they will invalidate wudu if they leak due to an illness.

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That kind of liquid that does not spread around by itself will not invalidate wudu even if it is wiped.

5 – If blood equaling to saliva or more than saliva comes out of the mouth, wudu is invalidated. If traces of blood are seen when one bites a quince, an apple, etc, wudu is not invalidated. Therefore, it invalidates wudu if someone laughs while praying.

It can be understood from the color whether blood is equal to, more or less than saliva. 6 – Sleeping, which makes a person lose control over himself, invalidates wudu it does not matter whether a person sleeps by lying down, facing down, leaning on his elbow. When wudu is invalidated, the prayer is invalidated, too.

1 – Any najasah, liquid or solid matter coming out of the penis and anus like urine, feces, sperm, madi, blood, etc. 3 – Blood, pus, yellow liquid, etc flowing from any part of the body...

If the blood that comes out of the body does not flow or does not spread, it does not invalidate wudu.

* According to Shafiis, even the laughter in the prayer does not invalidate wudu. According to Hanafis, if the skins of a man and a woman touches each other, their wudus are not invalidated; however, if a woman and a man touches each other while they are naked or if they touch each other with lust without a garment that will prevent them from feeling the heat of their bodies, or if they caress and hug each other like that, their wudus are invalidated.