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14-Jan-2020 08:10

So the question here is: What does the Church have to say in general about annulling an Orthodox Jewish wedding that ended in a civil divorce?Does the Church recognize this as a wedding that God was ‘approving’ of?A Jewish couple wishing to divorce outside of Israel would seemingly require both a Jewish divorce “get” as well as recognition of the divorce by the civil authorities.

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If, after investigation, it is determined that there was an impediment– such as drunkenness at the wedding on the part of the bride or groom or both-- then yes, the Tribunal would find that consent was impaired. Many people marry validly in the city of Las Vegas.

I am unsure where this misinformation has come from-- and why people think that the Cathoilc Church does not recognize non-Catholic marriages as valid. Marriage was instituted by God at the beginning of Creation.

Again, I highly recommend anyone unfamiliar with the process for examining a marriage for validity get a copy of the book Annulment: The Wedding That Was by Michael Smith Foster.

Drunkness at the time the vows are exchanged may be grounds that nullify the consent. At the other extreme, it would seem very difficult to annul a Catholic marriage of two practicing Catholics who attended all the pre-Cana activities and who were very active in their faith at the time of the marriage (for example, perhaps they were attending daily Mass, weekly Eucharistic adoration, monthly confessions, etc.). This marriage would also have to be examined to determine if there was any grounds for nullity.

The marriage may very well a valid marriage and no grounds for nullity found.How hard in general is it to annul something like this and what would one have to prove to do so?