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Each of these Central Asian states established strategic relations with the U.

S., Russia and other great powers, but their own common strategic partnership must be focused on Central Asia as a priority.

In January 1997, the presidents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan signed a Treaty with the unprecedented title “On Eternal Friendship.” This document in principle signified much more than any other agreement on strategic partnership with any other great power.

The Treaty underlined that the three countries are fraternal and friendly states.

In 2005 Nazarbayev even stated that this Treaty could serve as a solid base for future regional unification.

Yet, Central Asia’s post-independence history has implied divergence rather than convergence of the regional and international policies of the two Central Asian pivots, illustrating that they failed to become real leaders of the region.

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During the visit, the two states signed a Treaty on Strategic Partnership.This event can indeed be considered a breakthrough in bilateral relations between the two states, which have until recently been perceived as competitors for regional leadership in Central Asia.

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