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The restaurant, which hosted cultural discussions and art exhibitions, was once a scandal to polite Arab society because men and women openly drank alcohol and flirted.Now, it is a tourist-friendly fixture on Ben Gurion Boulevard, Haifa’s main drag.More Arab-owned businesses opened on that street in the years since, with signs welcoming all people in Arabic, English and sometimes Hebrew.Many of these bars, cafes and restaurants were crowded on a recent weeknight with couples strolling along teeming sidewalks decked with Christmas lights.She and her partner live together in a Jewish neighborhood where they run a Palestinian cafe called Rai. Ayed Fadel runs Kabareet, a bar off a four-lane industrial road, through an alley and down some stairs.He envisions his out-of-the-way speakeasy with its red painted walls and old Arab movie posters as a place where people can truly be themselves.“We want a gay couple to go to the dance floor and kiss each other, and nobody to even look at them,” he said.It is recommended to back up your tablet before you start this guide.The project illustrates an imaginary tower in the year 2095 that revised the traditional elements of Penang’s architecture and by doing so, it challenges the taboos and ideologies of preservation to envision a futuristic architecture that suggest the need of constant architectural growth.

Hammoud moved to Haifa in 2011 after studying speech therapy for four years in Barcelona, Spain.Thus, the nature of tower is translated as the reflection of every Penangites’ past, present and possible future.