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07-Apr-2020 17:19

Many of these visitors may have had no experience dealing with live web models before, so it will be much easier to sell them your cam shows and other content… Once you have them at your site you no longer have to compete with dozens of other webcam models, but are assured that you are the focus of their attention from the start.

I belief that you should have free reign in how you run YOUR business and deserve to get paid for your work and talent, not have to be limited by the rules of a big company and worst yet having to give up a large percentage of your income.For that reason, we set you up with a fully functional web site which will allow you to build a large audience to whom you can directly sell your web cam shows, pictures, videos and any other services you may provide.About a year ago, we have helped to set up an independent web site for webcam model Roselynn Locks.This will create your own brand that you can use for as long as you like.

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Again this is your name, your business and we do not cash in on what you build up for yourself. No one sets the rules on your site and no one can ban or suspend your account.

The site has grown into established independent online business with solid fan-base and it keeps growing every day.