Marketing to dating boomers

13-Jan-2020 13:17

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A Millward Brown Digital study found that 31 percent of baby boomers use laptops or PCs to shop online.

Although one in four say they use their mobile phone.

Instead, you should be putting in the extra time and effort to show that you have a superior product that’s worth their while.

Remember, they are willing to do the research, so you should be willing and even delighted to systematically break down all the reasons why they should buy from you. With people’s attention spans shorter than a goldfish's and getting ever shorter by the year, using long strands of text has become a taboo in marketing.

Source Noticeably, baby boomers use laptops and PCs far more often than the younger generations for activities such as visiting news sites.

This, of course, is worth calculating for your own business’ website.

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Here’s what you need to know to successfully reach baby boomers with your marketing: Even though marketers have been preoccupied with taking things mobile to reach the younger generation, baby boomers still prefer to shop online via computers and laptops as opposed to phones and tablets.

In fact, according to the DMN3 study, 82.3 percent of baby boomers belong to at least one social media site, with Facebook being by far the most popular one.