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I want to emphasize that I’m not an expert on dating Shalimar bottles, but I’ll go over the basics and the factors that I personally use or look at when trying to decide which bottle to buy.“Dating” can be an extremely technical, arcane, and overwhelming process at first and I found it quite confusing myself when I started out, so I’m going to try to make things as simple as possible by using as many photos as possible to show the small differences between bottles.(I’ll talk about those other bottles in a moment.) Finally, the few bottles that I have seen from the two companies (again, in shapes other than the “bat” or the “urn”) look like they have very different glass than bottles manufactured by Baccarat.

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So, if you’re hoping for a “hard and fast,” set rule on dating, there isn’t one.

A burial shaft carved out of the bedrock in one of the tombs leads to a chamber where four sarcophagi with anthropoid lids, containing two women and two men, were found. when the Roman general Ptolemy assumed the title of King, dubbing himself Ptolemy I Soter, i.e., the Savior.

Trying to date vintage Shalimar and navigating e Bay to find a bottle of the version that you prefer might seem, at first glance, to be an exhausting, frustrating, and complicated ordeal.

I’ll also provide you with links to various guides or articles that go through the minutiae and specifics of the many types of Shalimar bottles over the decades for you to read on your own time.

In addition, I’ll share a few of the tips that I’ve picked up for navigating e Bay listings and finding hidden gems, sometimes for a more affordable price than expected.

With that word of caution, let’s move onto the specifics.

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