Montreal dating agencies

16-Mar-2020 17:03

Hiring a professional matchmaking firm is NOT a last resort.

Some agencies will charge you a monthly fee for their services. Or worse yet, the ones that don’t even have an office and offer to meet you at a location of your choice, like the local coffee shop.

Instead of spending time in the real world they spend hours glued to their desktops, Ipads and Iphones.

Instead of being ''out there'' and meeting new people, they are content with creating a profile on one or several dating sites and inserting a few selfies (sometimes taken in front of the bathroom mirror) and then waiting for their prince charming or goddess.

For men, it means spending hours sending emails that don't get answered and for women it means receiving hundreds of proposals from shirtless men with the latest fish that they caught or just showing off their shiny Harley... We get nothing for nothing, we have to go and get what we want.

It's so much easier to put our love live in the hands of social media. no need to get dressed, put on some makeup, wear that new! A professional Intermezzo Consultant has all the resources needed to get you out there meeting the right kind of people.

Some wasted hours sifting through online profiles with dating sites.