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10-Aug-2020 01:19

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet.

IPv6 was developed to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion.

The public DNS service and servers are maintained and owned by Google.

It functions as a recursive name server providing domain name resolution for any host on the Internet.

Open your router's configuration web page and find the "Reset" option.

If you cannot access the router's web-based setup page and you want to reset the router to its default factory settings, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.

If there is no button on your router, disconnect it from power supply.

When your router has restarted, try restarting your computer as well and see if this helps.

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In your connections properties window, find "Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)" and unmark the checkbox to disable it.

These MAC addresses are often assigned by the manufacturer of a network interface controller and stored in its hardware such as the card's read-only memory or other firmware mechanism.

To fix the "DNS server is not responding" error, you will need to enter the MAC address manually, but first you need to find it using an elevated Command Prompt and one of the commands.

Bear in mind that resetting your router to its default factory settings will also reset your router's password.

A Media Access Control address (MAC address) of a device is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment.Disabling the IPv6 feature might help to fix the "DNS server is not responding" error.