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29-Oct-2019 10:26

Health advocates say it’s time they acknowledge that impact — and begin to help fight the STDs they may be helping to spread.Health officials in states around the country have linked recent STD outbreaks to the rise in internet dating.But with more anonymous sexual encounters, epidemiologists may not be able to track down people’s partners and notify them that they might have an STD, Auerbach said.

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“We used to think about what we can do with bathhouses and sex clubs to make sure people’s risk was reduced,” said Dan Wohlfeiler, director of Building Healthy Online Communities, a public health group that works with apps to support STI prevention.

Some of the best research on the sex lives of dating app users suggests they tend to have more sexual partners than non-app users.

These dates are surprisingly recent for a region known to feature among the oldest examples of such technology outside Africa.… continue reading »

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