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20-Oct-2020 15:13

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For many people, these might not be deal breakers, but the fact that it was a lie, even if it was a white lie, sets the date and/or potential relationship up for disaster. But the truth is that is that online dating sites charge nominal fees with the hope and expectation that you will return once the relationship fails.

The hope is that each client will enter enough mediocre relationships that they will enter a life cycle of use. At Agape Match, we pride ourselves in quality dates with serious people, who want to enter long-term relationships.

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And why not, when 1 in 5 people enlist the help of a friend to create their profile and that friend makes a profile based on what they think will attract attention rather than the facts.

We do this by providing a personalized service that includes no public profiles, one on one sessions with our experienced and knowledgeable matchmakers, feedback that is really taken into consideration and genuine compassion and care.

Furthermore, our matchmakers vet all potential dates.

This is a question I hear day in and day out when speaking to potential clients.

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At first (as a new hire), I really had to think hard to give an enticing and accurate response. My guess is if you are reading this, then the answer to the above questions is “no”. Because according to, only 19% of people who meet someone online actually go out on a date!

Elite Singles offers an intelligent online dating approach.

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