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redir=https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/xxx-www-vide0 d=s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/download-video-bokep-korea-3 Modus=01&ID=BR013716&Internet=https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/ url=https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/Just click on a link to reach the sunnyv XXX Video. The Sixth (which begins the Fourth Part) Gontaineth English Voyages to America, the Great Bay especially and the Southerne Moytie to the Magellan Straits ; which in the Seventh Booke are more amplified, and further enlarged with the Creatures, and Countries xlvi TO THE READER within Land, the Peruan Antiquities related by one of the Inca Linage, the Spanish Conquest, and other occur- rents of the Peruan America and Terra Australis.The Eighth Booke comes homeward thorow the Mexican America and Florida unto Canada, relating the French Acts and English beginnings in those parts, touching in the way homeward at the Azores. The English Plantations in New England and Newfound- land follow in the Tenth, with divers Fleets set forth by Queene Elizabeth of famous memory, with whose blessing continued and confirmed by His Majestic, wee commit you to God, and give you leave to rest at home in peace, under the shadow of your owne Vine and Fig-tree, which God for his Christs sake continue and confirme to us and our posteritie. You have here a long Preface to a long Work, and yet you have a longer touching the utilitie thereof in the first Paragraphs of Salomons Ophir.


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the Third Booke relateth ; continued in the Fourth with further Discoveries intended for a North or North-^west Passage.

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The i Fifth Booke giveth generall Relations of America, in her Mexican or Northerly, and Peruan or Southerly Moyties (with what we could find of the South Continent) their Antiquities and state before, and since the Spanish 0®nqiuest.

added, I borrowed from Master Hakluyts papers, and such as have H. pertaine to both, beeing other- wise printed or in my possession written, wherein yet I made use of some labour of his. Some perhaps will blame me for relating some Truths, specially the Dutch Zelots, in that I have related such abuses of some of that Nation in the East Indies and Greenland to the English there, as if I sought like an unseasonable and uncharitable Tale-bearer to raise discord betwixt Neighbours.