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That silhouette of the “ideal woman” has been put through a series of fun house mirrors (fashion, movies, pop music, politics). (original Gibson Girl) Camille Clifford was critical of the ideal.It also changes year over year, so the physical qualities we embrace today are often at odds with those from previous generations. she was dark, regal in bearing, [and] quite tall.”But Gibson’s model and O. She sang in her vaudeville show, “Wear a blank expression/and a monumental curl/And walk with a bend in your back/Then they will call you a Gibson Girl.”Say bye-bye to monumental curves, statuesque height, fussy updos, and all that jazz—and hello to the flapper.It’s both empowering and discouraging—one more beauty standard to add to a lengthening list. At 5’7” Moss is undeniably petite for a model and thin, even by industry standards.It’s a firmly unathletic look and a reaction to the Amazonian, uber-fit woman of the 80s.Bundchen is crowned “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” by magazine and dominates the runway, print ads, Victoria Secret’s lingerie show, and the red carpet on Leonardo Di Caprio’s arm.Hollywood actresses follow her lead hiring a small army of personal trainers and layering on a couple coats of spray tan during awards season. That’s this decade’s contribution to the shifting landscape of women’s body image.There’s a reason magazine covers include lines like “5 Moves for Michelle Obama Arms” or “The Secret for a Booty Like Beyoncé.” But if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for this actress’s waist or that singer’s legs, remember this: The media’s concept of the ideal woman’s body isn’t static.Whoever magazine deems “most beautiful” this year is just a representation of what has bubbled up in the cauldron of pop culture.

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Ads of the time even advised “skinny” women to take weight-gain supplements like Wate-On to fill out their curves.Lo release their tributes to the almighty buttock: Anaconda and Booty, respectively. And remember: The media’s idea of beauty is subjective and changes, but confidence is always in style.