Pure dating

28-Apr-2020 18:47

Be encouraged because it is possible and you can do it!Eric Giesow empowers millennials to live well for Christ at Maybe you have managed to withhold from going “all the way,” but that “not so bad” stuff has become commonplace in your relationship?Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is sexual purity even possible? ” In today’s sex-crazed, , and “purity is lame” culture, I’m sure many of us have found ourselves in one of the scenarios described above. it is really hard for two young, hormone-filled people who are intensely attracted to each other to keep their hands off each other. In the five years we dated before getting married, pursuing purity in our relationship was definitely a real struggle and constant battle.Talk about a freedom and holy intimacy that brought to our relationship.It’s really possible and it is definitely worth it!It will be that much easier to cross that boundary again the next time.

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This perspective shift was a game changer for my wife and me in our dating relationship.

Once we got the revelation and agreed on the vision that “I show that I love and care about you more when I deny my flesh and chose to honor your body and the Lord” it took the physical pressure off the relationship.