Questions to ask guy you are dating

01-Dec-2019 15:32

Knowing a handful of good questions to ask a guy to get to know him is essential.…Because like a lot of guys have found: Getting to know your fellow man isn’t always easy.While you may be able to make fast friends with some guys, with others it can be tough.“Some may not want to get married again after experiencing it once,” she says.It’s important to determine where your guy stands on the issue, and how it aligns with where you see your future going.And, while your guy may not have initiated the divorce, it’s good to find out if he wanted it.

According to Stanford University research, 70 percent of divorces are initiated by women.

Whether you’re expanding your circle of friends, meeting a new co-worker, or just hanging with an unfamiliar crew, knowing the right questions to ask can keep the conversation flowing and minimize uncomfortable silences.

These questions are fun and casual, but they can lead to interesting, in-depth discussions.

If nothing else, you can argue why yours is better. This question helps you understand what kind of activities or possessions are most important to him in his life. This question is generally lighthearted, but it can shed some light on his morals. It’s a fun question that helps you learn what kind of person he is. When you want to get to know a guy on a personal level, your best bet is with personal questions. Tough times only make us stronger and more prepared to tackle the next ones.

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This question is kind of like asking about his favorite athlete, but it opens up the discussion into why the chosen athlete would be the best choice as a personal trainer. This question definitely opens up plenty of room for imagination. A question with no right or wrong answer, this conversation starter can lead to a long discussion about history, morality, and the implications and paradoxes that come along with changing the past. Light and easy, this question is perfect with complete strangers and new friends alike. Whether you’re getting a shopping tip or hearing a story, it’s a win-win. Crackin’ wise with the boys is a timeless pastime in and of itself, so don’t overlook these funny get to know you questions. We’ve compiled a fantastic list of personal questions to ask a guy and bring you the best of them below. Any guy who doesn’t answer, “The Mantelligence App” doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The previous questions have been pretty surface-level.“You also want to find out if he is still holding a torch for his ex.” Granted, it’s possible he didn’t want the divorce but he’s since moved on.

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