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01-Feb-2020 09:25

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The alternative to change is to accept people as you are receiving them in the moment. Danger Zone flags in this context are or have the potential to be literally life threatening.

Incompatibility flags are the anti-namaste experience. listen to the intuitive voice that will speak to you the very information you need.

Of course, people can change and they certainly don’t have to live as a hostage to their previous life experiences: but oftentimes, they do.

Making changes within yourself takes an enormous amount of work, time, and energy.

Have personal experience with anything I mentioned above?

Have a specific man in your life you don’t know whether you should run from or stay with?

What do you think about when a man sits parked in front of his computer all night long, on a fairly regular basis, & stays asleep sitting up, yet he claims he’s got sciatica, but works a job where he’s on his feet most of the day, & walks just fine as soon as he wants to kick you in the stomach, while he’s laying in bed?

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If he’s too busy for you, there’s probably a reason for that.

So many people don’t have access to the information or assistance that they need to find positive coping strategies.

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