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10-Sep-2020 13:28

He is at every party that matters, from fashion soirees to Kate's mum's 60th - indeed, being a party animal seems to have become a full-time job for him.

Being clasped to the bosom of this rather exclusive circle seems to appeal to Sienna Miller no end.

In one interview, he placed his self-destructive behaviour on a par with the legendary drinking of Welsh actor Richard Burton.

"Welsh people are built for excess," he said."People find it shocking that we can carry on drinking for so long, but I think it's a dedication to the form.

"He is pretty hedonistic, and it can all get very messy indeed," she says, adding: "I think he's a great romantic too.

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If you met him, you would understand why it happens.He is completely besotted." But how, you may wonder, has Ifans - born in Haverfordwest and raised in Ruthin, in rural Denbighshire - landed himself such a beautiful girlfriend?