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24-Oct-2020 10:30

Edward is then given mechanical prosthetics known as "automail" in place of his missing arm and leg.

Upon acceptance into the State Alchemists, he is given the nickname "Fullmetal Alchemist", all while searching with Alphonse for the legendary philosopher's stone, that will repair their bodies.

In the final chapter of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Roy Mustang said "I'd readily sacrifice my own gate like Fullmetal did, but then I'd have no way back". I'm not completely sure if my answer is any good, but I feel like it was worth putting this out.

We do indeed see that being blind would have prevented Roy from staying in the military (according to the manga), and that in theory he could have regained his sight by giving up his gate.

Since Mustang could have done no such thing, it makes sense he would have concluded there to be no way to return once he had destroyed his gate.

In the final episode of FMA: Brotherhood, a montage of everyones included Colonel Mustang with a thin mustache and a short haired Riza Hawkeye. They were black and it seems like he got his sight back. Marcoh heal his vision but only with the condition that he tend to Jean Havoc first.

The red watch pays homage to Edward Elric while the navy one belongs to Roy Mustang.

Sadly, there are no watches available for either Alphonse or Riza Hawkeye, but fans are holding out hope those characters will appear one day.

The story follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who learn alchemy in order to bring back their deceased mother.But as pointed out in the question he would "have no way back".

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