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31-Aug-2020 00:59

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For the protection of railroads arid per- iou4 traveling thereon.

'",- '■•";r^--;;": QUEER'S WAKE \^^^^^^^^S^S;::^^,^,..,i • ' ■■=• •'"• "», 11 a t s a.' C a 1) s . 'Thus Vhepubilc are sui^ At Shakop-e, bu HDl.h CJ...ii'.^ fin Miut-Uj H of a bridge across the river, ' pjigd by them with just such rena na they or L".. it i-t ai §2,--"*-iy of whieh is to be paid each year, ' vr:.nt, either as to v/ritinrr or price, and f,ct l.'.r;j.: Iiotu!

i'eter .-^lioi OOO towardd the ^ p^i^iigbed rrrces.

that liy Vi lain -d iu :„ Alortgjge-*': Atton*' y for jlortgagee, "^u'-Tt JACOB Til Uil AS, Sheriff of Scott Couuly, Minnesota.

Ucnry- An act to incorporate the borough of Belle Plaiue. The three bills before the Senate appro- pnaling 500,000 acres of Internal Imj)rovo- nient lands for llie li;iuidation of all iiideb'.- ediiesj connected wiili ilie Miiiiicsota Slnte K.iilroad Bjikis, having been made l! , the Senate v;eril into tommlitoe of the whole upon th« banie, Mr.