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He studied their movements — these days, with the help of GPS and Google Earth — and led anti-poaching efforts in the wilds of Africa and in the halls of world governments. Decades of unfettered poaching that began in the 1960s led to what Douglas-Hamilton calls an “elephant holocaust.” The number of elephants in Africa and Asia dropped from about 3 million to 250,000 today.He was among the first to alert the world about the slaughter, most of which stopped in 1989 when the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species made it illegal to traffic in ivory.“He truly epitomizes what it means to be a hero.” In 1993, Douglas-Hamilton founded Save the Elephants in Kenya as a vehicle to raise worldwide awareness and money for elephant preservation through study and habitat preservation.As part of that, he pioneered the system of GPS tracking, in which tiny sensors are placed in collars so each elephant can be tracked.Twenty-one years after a worldwide ban on ivory trade helped stop the slaughter of African elephants, the demand for ivory seems to be making a comeback — prompting some African countries to propose the sale of tons of stockpiled ivory, while giving poachers a new incentive to slaughter elephants for their valuable tusks.

They say they want to stop sitting on an estimated 126 tons of tusks, much of it dating to the days of poaching, but also more recent collections from elephants that died of natural causes or were killed legally by government officials for destroying crops.

By the BBC Women in Bangladesh are no longer required to declare if they are virgins on marriage registration forms, the country’s top court has ruled.