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” “Well, there’s a tradition that says if you want to be with the one you love throughout the New Year, you must kiss her at the stroke of midnight.” I glanced at the clock It read “But it’s already after midnight.” He grinned “Oh, I was kissing you at twelve Right at the stroke of midnight, you were screaming not your first, but your second orgasm down my throat I swallowed it down whole.” “You’re twisted.” I shoved at him playfully, but he shifted just enough so that he was at my side He moved his hands over my body as though he were committing this moment to memory “You ready for later today?” “I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.” He grinned so wide, seeing it almost hurt my heart “Is that the real reason why you’re here?Winner winner…she makes dinner.” I groaned “It’s my last night as a single lady.” “Hey, it’s not my fault he liked it so much he put a ring on it!That’s all you Now get up woman and get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.” There was a ton of force in her hand as she jerked me to a standing position “And no more worrying about this garbage The next twenty-four hours are going to be the happiest of your life, and as maid of honor, I’m going to make sure of it.” She crumpled my father’s letter into a ball and tossed it over her shoulder and off the balcony I didn’t even look to see where it landed “You realize that Maddy is my maid of honor, right?” I kissed him over his heart “You’re right We have had far too many of those This is our tradition, kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve and spending the night before our wedding in one another’s arms.” “There’s nowhere I’d rather be Now go to sleep We’re busy tomorrow.” He winked and kissed me on my forehead EPILOGUE Weston The moment you look into the eyes of the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, it hits you This is the last woman you are going to kiss The last woman you will tumble with on a bed of cool sheets The one female that will follow you through all the remaining days you have in this world There is something so completely finite about that Only it doesn’t feel final It feels like a relief Like you’ve worked for a million days straight and then finally realize you’ve reached your goal This is the goal This moment is the happy ending For us both Mia When she stepped onto the porch, her arm looped with her brother’s, everything slipped away… Alec Du Bois—The world renowned artist and filthy talking Frenchman is living in France, where his paintings continue to reign supreme in the art world Alec is currently splitting his time between his two French femme fatales who simultaneously claim to be pregnant with his child(ren) Hector and Tony Fasano—Both men are doing well, living the American dream They married shortly after Mia and Wes and hired a young college girl who agreed to be a surrogate, donating two eggs to be fertilized by sperm from each man so that they would both have a biological child They put the young girl through school, and she is happily working for them at their company’s headquarters The Fasano food brand hit the freezer section and has surpassed all other frozen meals as the leader in “frozen food that tastes good” as their tagline claims Every Fasano is now a multi-millionaire, including Mama Fasano Mason and Rachel Murphy—Mason and Rachel married as planned in a gargantuan wedding that People Magazine hailed as the Wedding of the Century Mia stood up as one of the groomsmen, rocking a tuxedo like no other Mace and Rach currently have three children who keep Rachel busy while her husband continues setting records in baseball He’s been setting records for himself and the Red Sox ever since He and his wife have designs on buying a team one day Tai and Amy Niko—Had a lavish Hawaiian wedding complete with fire dancing, hula, and traditional Samoan flare Amy has been spitting out mini-Tais ever since After four boys, Amy was finally granted a blond haired, blue-eyed goddess they named Natia, a Samoan name, which literally translated means hidden treasure Warren and Kathleen Shipley—Are spending their second act of life traveling the globe Warren’s special project received critical acclaim over the years, providing resources to third world and war-torn countries around the world He received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from American Red Cross for his efforts in charitable giving Aaron Shipley—Was impeached by the House of Representatives and convicted in the Senate not long after his trouble with Mia Having been cut off from his father’s money, Aaron took to embezzling large amounts from campaign contributors as well as promising favors to corporate conglomerates by way of Senate votes He is currently serving time in a privately run federal minimum security prison up in Bakersfield, California Anton Santiago and Heather Renee—Spent the last ten years topping every hiphop chart known to the music industry Together they now run Lov-us Productions, the most sought after record producer for pop and hip-hop records in the music industry They both spend their days and nights working and raising their daughter they aptly named Fate The two are, and will always be, best friends, which ultimately led them to the decision to have a child together before they were too old This child was the product of in vitro fertilization Both are happy to share a home with their daughter while they take turns playing the field Maxwell and Cyndi Cunningham—Live in the same ranch in Texas with their five children Unfortunately for Max, Jackson is the only boy, and Cyndi refused to have any more They gave one girl Mia’s middle name and the other Madison’s The fifth child they named after Cyndi’s mother Max is as busy as ever running Cunningham Oil with his baby sister by his side Blaine Pintero—And his team of merry enforcers are doing ten consecutive life sentences in a maximum security prison in Nevada for planting a bomb that killed ten people Those ten lives were all drug dealers, sex traffickers, money launderers, and known murders with warrants out for their arrest Really, it was a win-win Michael Saunders—Never got over his wife leaving and finally divorcing him fifteen years later He stayed in Vegas and holds a job as a janitor at a local bowling alley Though he no longer gambles or borrows from loan sharks, he still spends most of his days in and out of AA programs Mia and Madison have very little contact with their father at this time Dr Drew Hoffman—Is still a doctor to the stars in Hollywood, California and has been married and divorced six times Kathy Rowlinski—Climbed the corporate ladder and now runs Century Productions as Chief Executive Officer, has a Mc Mansion in Beverly Hills, and married her hot male assistant Kent and Meryl Banks—Are living their lives as they always have been Kent works out designs for modern cabins around the globe while his now legal wife, Meryl, paints and runs her gallery They enjoy regular visits to Texas where they spend time doting on their grandchildren Millie Colgrove “Ms Milan”— Continues to run Exquisite Escorts Her clientele is elite, and her girls known for being beautiful and discreet Millie has been “dating” a distinguished gentleman who came to her originally as a client looking for a more mature woman Instead of an escort, he pursued her They've been going strong for several years Millie refuses to call him anything other than her significant other as she believes labeling their relationship will jinx it Ginelle aka “Skank-a-lot-a-Puss”—Runs an elite dance school that caters to celebrities and aspiring actors who need to learn the art of dance in downtown Los Angeles She had made her way through several good and bad relationships until finally running into a man she couldn’t refuse, run away from, or hide from Her life story is and always will be in a state of flux But she’s happier than she’s ever been Madison and Matt Rains—Madison finished her Doctorate and is lead scientist for Cunningham Oil Matt and his parents run the Channing, Cunningham, and Rains farmland Madison and her husband have a son named Mitchell and are currently expecting their second son The child is yet to be named as the couple is squabbling about using another “M” name Maddy wants to stick with tradition, and Matt wants to break it and start anew Wes and Mia Channing—Our hero and heroine are living happily in Malibu during the school year and Texas during holiday breaks and six weeks of each summer They have two children, a son they named Marshall Jackson and a daughter they named Madilyn Claire Together, husband and wife write, produce, cast, and direct their own films The last film they wrote and produced, Calendar Girl, became a box-office wonder, bringing in three hundred million in ticket sales the first week The couple enjoy their days surfing, playing with their children, working on their newest film, and making love to the sound of the ocean under the cover of nightfall Trusting the journey that brought them together, they now walk it side by side The REAL End…The sound of the ocean waves…gone The guests watching a vision in white step barefooted down the stairs and start on the stone path…gone My sister standing at my side…gone The preacher…gone There was nothing but Mia There will never be anything but Mia She is my reason for existing I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for her Her steps were measured, following along with music I could no longer hear One long leg in front of the other Her dress was simple elegance Not unlike the woman It had tiny straps that dipped into a V at her breasts, a cropping of crystals around the edges I loved her figure An hourglass shape with succulent curves The dress dipped in at her small waist and flared out, billowing in the January breeze The weather in Malibu was kind, giving us a perfectly beautiful, sunny seventy-six degrees on the most important day of our lives Her shoulders, arms, legs, and feet were bare The only shocks of color were the ebony waves of her hair, the pink of her toes, and the red of her luscious lips And of course, there were her eyes Friends of mine joked that it was Mia’s body that had me ass over a barrel, but it wasn’t It was her eyes The palest of green, like green amethyst if I had to choose a gemstone for reference Those eyes controlled me from day one, the very first time she shucked off her motorcycle helmet, and the sun hit those soulful orbs I knew even then that she could be the end of me What I didn’t know, though, was that she was also the beginning and the middle I didn’t want to know a world that Mia wasn’t in She made the dark days light, the hard days soft, and the great ones magnificent There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t for the woman who walked to me, ready to take me into her life as her husband I could only hope to be all that she needed Now, and every day to come “Do you Weston Channing, the third…” Mia mouthed “the third,” and I chuckled and then hid it by pretending to cough as the preacher continued “Behave,” I whispered loud enough so only she could hear She winked at me as the pastor got to my part I looked my girl right in the eyes and meant every word down to the tips of my toes as I responded, “I do.” With that, she gifted me one of her huge smiles The kind that isn’t planned or thought out I lived for those unguarded, beatific smiles “Do you, Mia Saunders…” The preacher issued her vows, but it was all white noise Until her mouth moved “I do,” she said, and licked her lips and bit down on the bottom one I wanted to rush the holy man to get to the good part The part where he makes her mine Legally As promised, we exchanged simple platinum wedding bands Mia was not a woman who wanted to be soaking in diamonds No, my girl wanted to live with the wind on her face and the speedometer climbing to frightening levels As I was the type of man to give his woman what she wanted, and I wanted nothing more than to make her happy, her real wedding present was sitting in the driveway I went pricey with the MV Augusta FCC that she’d been drooling over Yeah, I searched her internet history Funny thing about this woman You’d expect to see links to places like Victoria’s Secret and Bloomingdales, but not my girl No, the majority of her searches were honeymoon destinations and motorcycle websites I grinned as the preacher kept babbling My fingers twitched with anticipation as I held her hands, waiting for the part that would seal the deal for life “You may now kiss the bride.” He no sooner got the words out than I had my girl’s cheeks in my hands and my mouth was devouring hers She tasted of mint and champagne Absolutely delicious I slanted her head and licked into her mouth, taking her tongue for a ride A soft moan left her as she melted into the kiss willingly, gripping my shoulders, holding me closer I lived for that moment she gripped on tight Proved that every kiss meant as much to her as it did to me I never wanted to let her go The great thing about marrying the woman you love is the knowledge that you never have to Over the past year, alongside Mia and because of her influence, I, too, have learned to trust the journey Only, when it comes right down to it, our journeys never truly end Each day can be the start of a new one A new life With Mia, our family, and the friends she and I have made along the way…our journey has ultimately just begun The End…kind of…Keep reading for a special “Where are they now? ALSO BY AUDREY CARLAN The Falling Series Angel Falling London Falling Justice Falling The Trinity Trilogy Body (Book 1) Mind (Book 2) Soul (Book 3) The Calendar Girl Series January (Book 1) February (Book 2) March (Book 3) April (Book 4) May (Book 5) June (Book 6) July (Book 7) August (Book 8) September (Book 9) October (Book 10) November (Book 11) December (Book 12) FOR THE READERS I can’t begin to express what it means to me that you have committed to this year long journey Mia’s tale started out as a sexy plan to have an escort bed a year’s worth of guys Obviously, Mia’s strength and voice led me in an entirely different direction If you’re reading this, that meant she took you on a journey as well So many of you have contacted me, told me how this series has changed you, made you think differently about life, how Mia’s character has made you stronger I live for that feedback Knowing that something I wrote, crafted out of thin air, changed your life in some small way is the highest honor Thank you readers for sticking with me and loving Mia and Wes It has been an amazing year Now off to the next adventure Trust the journey…” I jumped as the sensation carried over my slit The item disappeared and all that I was left with was a tingling need between my thighs and the sound of Wes inhaling deeply “Roses mixed with the honey between your thighs Babe, you’ve got me salivating,” he said on a groan I shifted on a hip and turned around Wes was rubbing a blood red rose under his nose The moment our gazes caught, he stuck out his tongue and licked the edge of the rose My mouth opened, imagining what he tasted on that flower “Delicious, but not enough.” His throat moved, and his eyes burned hotter than fire I watched as he straddled me I was wearing nothing but a white ribbed tank, since he’d divested me of my panties “Wes, you’re not supposed to be here,” I warned half-heartedly Ribbons of heat prickled against my womb and spread out, coating my thighs with need even as I spoke Based on the way Wes was looking at me, as if I was the fountain of youth and he was dying of thirst, he did not intend to be anywhere other than rooting his thick cock deep and staying long enough to find his bliss I knew it, and he knew it Why the hell was I fighting it?Oh, right His mother The suggestion she’d made, that the trick to the start of a good marriage was to abstain the night before your wedding Not to see the bride before she walked down the aisle There were a handful of stupid superstitious she’d spouted that all sounded good at the time Faced with a man who looked like Wes wanting to what he wanted to to me, things that would make me sing out his praises and reacquaint myself with the almighty above…those superstitions sounded more and more like folklore the longer his gaze held mine There was a fierceness in Wes’s body as he hovered over me Clad only in his boxers and a T-Shirt, he lifted one strong arm and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing the iron chest for my viewing pleasure Not the chest No, not that I couldn’t win against the endless dips and lickable expanse of skin in front of me It wasn’t possible I’d traveled that road before It was rocky, jagged, and filled with spikes that blew out my proverbial tires Once I set my lips on that chest, on one single rock hard square of his abdomen…

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Jeananna Goodall—I love how you see what I write as if the characters are living, breathing entities Sometimes I wonder if you see them better than I They come alive for you in a way that gives me hope for the people who will pick up one of my books Thank you for being a light in my world Ginelle Blanch—You are honest when others are not I have been told the same about myself It’s refreshing to find that in a person I appreciate all that you are and glory in the gift you give me with each book Thank you, my friend, for sticking with me through every book I’ve written to date Anita Shofner—You are kind, genuine, and a damn good beta I’m so grateful to have you at my back I hope everyone in your world knows the value of you at their back I sure and will never forsake it Thank you to the ladies at Give Me Books and Kylie Mc Dermott for spreading this book and the entire Calendar Girl series far and wide into the virtual social world!CHAPTER ONE Easing out of a bed covered in a massive amount of blankets, coupled with the added weight of my man’s arm wrapped around my waist in a vice grip, is harder than one would think We’d taken the red eye to Aspen, Colorado and arrived before the sun the next day Wes led me through his family’s cabin, and I use that term lightly What little I saw of it was already bigger than our home in Malibu, California We got to his room where we fell to the bed in a heap of limbs I would bet we were both asleep before our heads even hit the pillow At the moment though, I was wide awake, and from the little bit of light peeking through the curtain, it was probably midday Doing the inch away, shift, and squiggle out of Wes’s arms, attempting not to wake him, I exited the bed and froze As in a tank and panties would not cut it The room was absolutely freezing Tiptoeing over to the thermostat, I hiked the temperature up to seventy-five Let’s put the heater to the test!I walked around, found the bathroom, and did my business as quietly as a mouse before locating my suitcase I found a pair of yoga pants, one of Wes’s hoodies, and my ultra-fuzzy slippers Mrs Croft back home had assured me that I’d need them, and she was right I’d have to remember to thank her later for her foresight Much warmer and suited up, I left our room and walked down the stairs When I got halfway down, I stopped Across from the stairs was an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows Beyond that was an endless sea of mountains Winter white with dots of green and black as rocks and trees protruded through the thick layer of snow covering each mountain Breathtaking There was no other word for it Like a zombie, I walked over to the French doors, unlocked and opened them both, letting a wall of frosted air slam into my body and psyche Instantly, my breath formed a heated mist as I stared dreamily at what was most certainly God’s doing When I looked out over the beach and Pacific Ocean back home, it would ground me and make me feel at peace Looking out over the vast mountain range was anything but serene It was majestic, unreal, as if I were staring into a photograph, not the real thing Boom!the vineyards She has been married to the love of her life for over a decade and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis When she’s not writing wickedly hot romances, doing yoga, or sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and feeds the soul You can contact Audrey below: Email: [email protected]: Twitter Goodreads .. CALENDAR GIRL: DECEMBER BOOK 12 AUDREY CARLAN CONTENTS Calendar Girl: December Copyright Dedication Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter... Also by Audrey Carlan For the Readers Acknowledgments About the Author CALENDAR GIRL: DECEMBER This book is an original publication of Audrey Carlan This is a work of fiction... ” I asked As he was responding, a woman around my height exited She was lean, wrapped in a wicked cool leather jacket that went down to her knees and was tied with a belt at the waist A hot pink scarf floated in the breeze across her front, drawing immediate attention to her neck Her very familiar pitch-black hair in loose curls around her shoulders I squinted, trying desperately to see more of the woman’s face, but she was looking down into her bag “And they have the best eggs benedict…” I heard Wes’s words filter in and out of my mind but my focus was solely on the woman across the street A tingling sensation Her eyes narrowed as she put her elbows on her knees and plopped her head into her hands “No, it’s not too much to ask If it’s your dream, you have to fight for it, unless another opportunity you want more presents itself Did you talk to Tao about what you were planning for yourself?