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Even from the beginning you knew they were onto something—even if that something was an inane button joke.163) “The Shower Head” (Season 7, Episode 16): Each of the disparate plotlines (Elaine’s alleged opium addiction, the weak shower head in Jerry’s building, George’s parents moving to Florida) comes across as incomplete and underdeveloped.164) “The Soup” (Season 6, Episode 7): There’s a bit too much of Kenny Bania here, the abysmal redheaded comic who makes jokes about Ovaltine.George and Jerry’s exchange about the “daytime date” is good stuff, though.165) “The Doodle (Season 6, Episode 20): In a season full of greatness, “The Doodle” is an unexpected misfire.One might even say that “Seinfeld” was so adept at layering plots within plots—and jokes within jokes—that it can be hard to remember which joke came from which episode.Here to clear things up is Stacker’s list of the 100 best “Seinfeld” episodes of all time, compiled using IMDb user ratings.Eddie Kramer who is somehow related to Jimi Hendrix (perhaps his sound engineer), founded this company. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have put together an exhaustive ranking of all those episodes.The episode begins with George’s off-hand comment—“You can do a lot better than him!

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Needless to say, the plan doesn’t work out as intended.

The episode is vital because it prompts them to forge a true friendship.

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