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Moreover, the Diocese was aware of sexual abuse complaints against Presley as early as 1987 but permitted him to stay in active ministry for another 13 years.

Of course, this is to say nothing of the other allegations known to Trautman about other priests at the time he made the statement.

Trautman reported that the information “…confirms my suspicion that there are even more victims of the sexual abuse and exploitation perpetrated by Presley.” By 2005, the Diocese was actively engaged in an attempt to formally remove Presley from the priesthood.

In the course of that effort, personnel for the Diocese interviewed other witnesses or associates of Presley and identified numerous additional victims or potential victims. Several of these individuals stated that they informed the Diocese of their concerns in the 1980s, including a report to a parish council member, who stated that Presley would not allow anyone else inside the rectory when certain children were present and that some of these children spent the night with him on multiple occasions.

In April 1996, Trautman appointed Presley to a new 6-year term as Administrator of this Church, where Father Presley remained until his retirement in 2000.

In April 2002, three separate victims notified Trautman of sexual abuse perpetrated upon them by Presley from 1963 to 1974.

Presley then tried to hypnotize him before assaulting him.

Presley brought other children on some of these trips, including one occasion when he tried to abuse both the victim and another high school student at the same time.

On more than one occasion, Presley gave him some type of a sedative to relax him prior to abusing him.

In 2002, Trautman contacted Presley by telephone and recorded that Presley admitted the sexual abuse of the victims.