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anyway, nice simple game, just too hard for me without a calculator. anyone who thinks these maths question are hard are probably not old enough to be playing the game in the first place!

the difficulty in the questions were a bit too easy in a possible sequel there should me multiplication and whatnot.

naruto juga sudah dalam mode rikodo senin jadi lebih menarik untuk di mainkan .

Untuk ukuran game ini termasuk sedang yaitu berukuran 100 mb yang pas untuk kita download tidak memerlukan kuota yang banyak untuk mempunyai game ini.

It's useful at the end to be able to go back and flick through without the pressure of the questions though.'re horny and want to play games to strip women, less blood goes to your brain, so you can't think well.

go back to elementary noobs oh you know, i bused out my old school abacus and solved all these problems no but really, its pretty easy. apparently, there's 30 pictures you can look through in the end, so probably 30 questions.

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There are maybe a few hundred (on the entire internet no less) games that actually challenge you in beating, and it's a good day when another appears.I'd offer a few different teachers since that one didn't particularly thrill me to continue.Still, I can say i learned to quickly add and subtract with motivation!Have fun, Erika xx **my follow-up to this game, World Map Strip, is now up on newgrounds.

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to play go to: or just use the related submissions drop-down menu..Credit • Zakume Games • Juanda Naruto Senki Over Crazy di modifikasi oleh Riicky Ahmad Fauzi yang di dalamnya udah di tambakan fitur menarik seperti coin yang unlimited yang bisa kamu gunakan dengan puas serta masih ada banyak fitur keren lainnya , untuk lebih lengkapnya berikut fitur mod by riicky Unlimited Coin No delay Suara suigetsu sudah di rubah Di Naruto senki mod kali ini di merupakan hasil mod terbaik dari Ogie Mapesona yang sekaligus menjadi mod terahirnya , ada banyak fitur yang super keren seperti berbagai karakter baru di naruto sudah ada serta jurus-jurus andalan setiap karakter sudah di sematkan pada mod kali ini .