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28-Feb-2020 00:33

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Don't get me wrong, I didn't stop touching myself, it just wasn't as fun as I remember it being back in high school.

Well, an hour later I found myself still chatting to her.

She was funny, witty, highly intelligent and, above all, sexy.

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So if, like me, you love Yamaha Pacificas (and especially if, like me, you like to take them apart and build them into something else) I hope you find something interesting here (like how to do your own set up so useless guitar shops don’t keep ripping you off for substandard work).… continue reading »

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Actually, we’re not sure whether or not people still said “the bomb” and “blingalicious” (both actual quotes) in the mid-2000s. From Shane’s passionate quest to find “the girl with the voice” to Tess’ (Meghan Martin) backstage post-Final Jam meltdown, everything that happened at Camp Rock was Very Important and Very Serious.… continue reading »

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When an Aries male isn’t dark, emotionally intense, deep, and broody, he’s a force of energetic action.… continue reading »

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Obviously if the type is working out over and over again there is no need to change things up.… continue reading »

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