Speed dating in germany

25-Apr-2020 11:09

German 2 is learning the Perfekt (conversational past).

After practicing how to form past participles for regular verbs enough that they could recite "ge-verb stem-t" in their sleep, it was time to tackle irregular past participles.

Other studies imply that dating apps have had a huge generational impact; 80% of Tinder users are millennials and the app has revolutionised their approach to romance for good.

One thing is for sure: algorithms that match you up with your significant other are more popular than ever.

Sarah was actually featured on NPR's 50 Great Teachers series doing polynomial speed dating.

She credits Kate Nowak with the idea of the speed dating activity.

(The other 25% is split between explaining German grammar and paperwork.) While thinking of ways to get my students to practice these past participles, I remembered an activity I had read about recently on my math blogger friend Sarah Carter's blog, Math = Love: Speed Dating.

So we tend to forget the older ones because we assume they already or still have their partner or if they don't that they are simply not interested in finding love anymore.