Speed dating meetup los angeles

30-Sep-2020 22:32

There is NO matchmaking service here at ALL, it is only they schedule events to try to get their "members" to show up to (nobody wants to because of the awkward age disparity) and even if you are a "member" of MSC, you still need to pay separately for whatever event you are showing up to, then what's the point honestly?You're better off not dealing with MSC as a middleman (that's all they are, a MIDDLEMAN) that offers a pointless and useless service.Events are cancelled left and right due to poor attendance, and many of the attendees are older, like in the 50's or higher.There is nothing wrong with that, except the event planners and administration of MSC always lump HUGE age disparity of their members together to come out for the event, like honestly, what kind of romantic or dating options can occur if you put people that are 40 years apart together, what were they thinking?I ended up getting both charges and I called to get this corrected.

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This was definitely more organized and I liked that everyone was single.I feel that a social experience, should not be something that hurts you economically.As you can see I'm not happy and I warn anyone I know, to avoid this contract for felt not treated fairly.There were charges I was told by the Caller Rhonda that were supposed to be one time that became continual.

I was supposed to be charged a membership fee that I was told only one time and a monthly fee.

You could just as easily go to the bar or the clubs or whatever with friends and it would STILL be better for you socially than this awkward mess that they try to shoehorn all these older folks together into.