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A virtual guide to Chad, a landlocked country in northern Central Africa, bordered by Cameroon in south west, by the Central African Republic in south, by Libya in north, by Niger in west, by North Sudan in east and it has a border with Nigeria across Lake Chad.

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Despite movement toward democratic reform, power remains in the hands of an ethnic minority.

related countries: France Country Calling Code: 235 Capital City: N'Djamena (pop. Geography: Location: North central Africa, south of Libya Area: 1,284,000 km² (496,000 sq. In the South, a tropical zone with wooded savannas and large equatorial forest.

Agriculture products: Cotton, gum arabic, livestock, fish, peanuts, millet, sorghum, rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, dates, manioc.

Industries: meat-packing, beer brewing, soap, cigarettes, construction materials, natron mining, soft-drink bottling.

The government eventually suppressed or came to terms with most political-military groups, settled a territorial dispute with Libya on terms favorable to Chad, drafted a democratic constitution, and held multiparty presidential elections in 19.

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