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19-Oct-2020 07:13

Scrap the idea of a candle lit dinner and the exchanging of cheesy cards.

Put your money to better use and do something different this year. We’ve come up with a list of 10 alternative dating ideas for you and your valentine to enjoy! Dining in the Dark There are several places around London which offer dining in pitch black, whether you wear a mask or the entire restaurant is unlit.

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We think it’s fair enough if you don’t want to take your new (or not!

) partner on a date you’ve been on plenty of times before.

Enjoy a private pod with chocolates and champagne where you can relax for half an hour of solitude. Hot Air Balloon Ride If you can get the day off, why not whisk your partner away from London for the day?This experience should heighten all your other senses, giving you a feeling of intimacy. Georgian Themed Ball Take your partner back in time and party like the aristocrats for a night. Chocolate Making Workshop Valentine’s Day would be nothing without an indulgence of chocolate. Wouldn’t it be a nice treat to spend some time relaxing and meditating with your other half to relieve yourself of any worries?