Tinkerbell dating a boy fairy

16-Feb-2020 20:53

The fairies manage to retrieve the blue dust for a moment, but Zarina gets it back after throwing some multi colored pixie dust at them that switches their talents.

Tinker Bell is now a water fairy, Silvermist a fast-flying fairy, Fawn a light fairy, Iridessa a garden fairy, Rosetta an animal fairy, and Vidia a tinker fairy, much to her horror and disgust.

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Covered in sequins, it will give you a shimmery version of this iconic Disney character's classic dress.

It is the fifth direct-to-video feature-length animated film in the Disney Toon Studios' Tinker Bell film series and the Disney Fairies franchise, based on the character Tinker Bell from J. Zarina (Christina Hendricks), a very smart and inquisitive pixie dust-keeper fairy, is amazed by the magic behind pixie dust and is determined to find out all that it is capable of.