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14-Apr-2020 16:25

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Especially if he’s an academic, or a doctor, or some other white-collar graduate-degree’d professional, he’ll say he enjoys spending time with your male friends who aren’t white; he will feel relieved when those male friends eventually date white women. If he’s deeply in love with you, but doesn’t know your parents’ or grandparents’ (or way back ancestors’) native language, he will at some point try learning it.

Or, worst of all, he’ll pity you for “still bringing that up,” though it has been so many years, though both of you have made the commitment of marriage.

Because when you’re in a consensual adult relationship, it’s not about race.

It’s about trust, and nothing dismantles trust faster than judging a book by its cover — whether that cover is yellow, black, brown or white.

Besides, I’ve never been a fan of sticking to only one flavor of pie.

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If he’s a liberal, while he’s against capital punishment and donated willingly to Black Lives Matter, he doesn’t want your little girl to date a man of color who’s a rapper, not really.

So while 2018 me hasn’t seriously dated a white man in about three years, I would still say I’m an expert on interracial relationships.