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Though nearly a quarter-mile away, the sound of the engine is still distinct as the car whistles through the traps. Membership has its privileges but also its costs; the Vector W8 Twin Turbo retails for a cool 3,750, pricier than the Lamborghini (1,000) but less than the Ferrari (a U. Gesturing toward the engine bay of a Vector under construction, he said, "This is not a tiny little motor tweaked to death.It's a big motor that isn't working that hard." Six liters of all­ aluminum 90-degree pushrod V-8, the block made by Rodeck, the 2-valve cylinder heads by Air Flow Research.The two development cars were unloaded, and Road Test Editor Kim Reynolds fitted one of them with our fifth wheel and road-test computer, readying it for the first-ever performance test by an automotive magazine.David Kostka, Vector's vice president of engineering since 1981, gave a few pointers on how to achieve the best acceleration times. Ten years of 12-hour-a-day, 7-day work weeks, nearly one-third of his waking life—not to mention a sizable chunk of his soul—are invested in the car. Kim plants his foot on the brake, selects 1st gear and applies throttle to load the drivetrain.He explains, "If [the structure] is all monocoque, you get a lot of twist to it, and it's tough to build it accurately.If it's all space frame, you smack one area and you impact everything else because every tube takes all the load.The long blocks are assembled and dyno-tested by Shaver Specialties of Torrance, California.

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But virtually every part within the 3-speed gearbox is specially machined by a Vector subcontractor from materials able to withstand the 630 lb.-ft.It's the automotive analogue of an angry pit bull straining at its leash.

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