Two months of dating

26-Jan-2020 13:23

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Young 20s get dressed up, slide down a few shots, and finally start talking to one another.

The one aspect of dating that hasn’t changed over the years is that at some point or another, real-live words must be exchanged.

Once a good conversation has been initiated between the guy and girl, the friends are discarded and ignored.

They will certainly exchange a drunken kiss at this phase, however going home together is optional.

They still don’t know each other very well because sex and sleeping are the shields for extensive talking into the deep hours of the night.

Snapchat once again fills the void that a lack of word-filled communication leaves.

Whether Tinder, Facebook stalking or pure chance led two people to the same bar, the bar is the playground where prospective partners meet in person.

The hook-up phase, if it lasts long enough, seems to dictate whether two people are right for one another in the dating sense.