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21-Aug-2020 04:27

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How to identify red flags in a profile or message Scam profiles or messages share characteristics that can be generalized.Here is a list that I summarized from the scam profiles and messages on my site.A Dating Scam normally involves these steps: Step #1: The scammer posts an attractive photo (such as attractive professional models) and fake profile on a dating website.Step #2: Mass message members with pre-written copy of message.Step #5: The scammer gradually lures the victim away from the messaging channels provided by the dating website towards external means such as personal emails, instant messaging, telephone calls, or even webcam (this is the scary part.They will find excuses not to show their real faces but they could take photos of the victim via webcam. The scammer would later demand for money by threatening with exposure of the victim's naked photos on internet).

I will adore him , feminine men: soft skin, cute hair, a dab of lipstick.

he most be attractive, sensitive and possesses integrity, warmth, and an earthiness that draws me in. He must enjoy travel and if he doesn't , well its okay by me because I enjoy traveling , I have been so many country, the arts, and be well-educated or at least intelligent.

I am not looking for perfection, just someone who is in touch with himself and is honest about what he wants in life.

i am looking for a real man, a real gentleman who knows how to treat a real lady like me, who is not afraid to have a beautiful young wife close to him and who will appreciate such kinds as loyalty and will be ready to give it in return. I 'll admit that I have a tiny bit of baggage, but it's more carry-on than check-in.

I hope to meet with the man of my dreams - very cheerful, generous, tender, kind and at the same moment strong and purposeful. I am definitely ready to meet Him, the man I am meant to grow old with.I am willing to relocate to a secure foundation a steady relationship and to meet the terms, I'm a strong,sexy, smart, independent female with many goals and lots of drive. I'm a real woman looking for a real man,and i hope you will be the real man to me.