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Neither the submitter nor myself are responsible for any damage caused by using any contributed tips.USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi GC Wi-Fi Adapter, Auto Star II App (04/08/13) Android Sky Safari & Sky Fi (06/23/13) Meade USB Cable & Windows 7 (12/31/12) Telescope Control with Sky Safari & Android (06/29/12) Sky Wire Serial Adapter (06/11/11) Sky Fi Wi-Fi Adapter (11/08/10) Auto Star and USB (06/08/10) Bluestar - ETX-70 Cable (02/12/07) Software Showing the LCD Display in Software (08/27/13) Auto Star Suite & Windows 8 (03/12/13) Auto Star & Windows 8 (03/05/13) TLE Converter (Excel) (04/18/12) Myscope and Audio Star (Windows) (09/11/11) v Paddle for Auto Star II (Mac OS X) (09/04/10) Auto Star Serial Protocol (PDF) (03/20/10) Terminal Apps for Serial Port Troubleshooting (02/24/10) Updating Auto Star III with a Mac (10/16/09) Auto Star 497EP Firmware 5BE2 report (08/22/09) Recovering from a Bad Auto Star Download (03/09/09) Some Auto Star Programming Commands (02/12/10) RS-232 Express Card Adapter (07/04/08) Pocket PC TLE to Auto Star Code (04/20/08) Pocket PC Software (11/13/07) Freeing Up Com Ports (09/07/07) Auto Star offset arrows (09/28/06) Set Date/Time from Pocket PC (09/16/06) Brief Report on Version 4.0Ef (02/03/06) Auto Star READMEs (04/17/07) Auto Star RESET from Software (07/14/05) Auto Star Menus (07/25/05) PEC Data Editor/Viewer (09/01/05) Info Genie Plugin (Mac) (02/26/04) 3.0 Post Bleep Refinement, Dance and Drift (11/30/03) Astro Planner and the Auto Star (06/04/04) Scope Driver and the Auto Star (11/04/03) Auto Star II 1.5 Startup Steps (03/31/03) Auto Star & Your Computer (web pages) (02/16/03) Auto Star & Your Computer (Power Point, 5.8MB) (02/09/03) Auto Star commands (12/15/02) ISS TLEs (12/11/02) Dr.Version 3.61 - from Meade's site (06/10/05) Autostar Update Client Application for Windows, Version 3.61 (2,079 KB). This is the safest rate to ensure reliable data transfer.To use a faster rate, click the connect button, and then the Options-Max Baud Rate button.(2/16/02) Client Application (04/08/13) Auto Star III Version 1.x (12/06/09) ROM Version 5.x (02/11/11) ROM Version 4.x (02/03/09) ROM Version 3.x (09/27/05) ROM Version 2.x ROM Version 1.x Version 5.9.3 - from Meade's site (04/08/13) 08/06/11 NEW AUTOSTAR UPDATER SOFTWARE NOW AVAILABLE.VERSION 5.9.3 Auto Star Updater version 5.9.3 adds support for the new Audio Star hand controller.

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Version 4.3 - from Meade's site (12/23/06) 10/6/05 Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows, Version 4.3 (1,692 KB). If you have previously installed the Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows, Uninstall the old version before installing this new version. This installation will automatically update the Update Client Application in Auto Star Suite(TM) Software. This version is compatible with all versions of Auto Star II, #497 and #494 Auto Star computer controllers. This page is your source for older versions of the Meade Autostar software.

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