Updating multiple columns in a table

06-Feb-2020 03:45

It will be vastly faster and more understandable.i have two tables names DETAILS and STATUS DETALIS contains eid,ename,sal and STATUS contains eid,sal,updationdate. Only nc type amt2 column in table1 should be updated 2.

You have 200 over them in the dictionary, generate code for run said code Tony Fernandez, if you are merging data into another table, don't use a cursor at all - If at all possible, query user_tab_columns to build a native dynamic MERGE statement to do the data move. :) Hi Tom, There are 2 tables Table1 type cpty amt1 amt2 c a 10 0 c a 20 0 nc a 30 0 nc a 40 0 c b 50 0 c b 60 0 nc b 70 0 nc b 80 0 Table2 amt A cpty 100 a 115 a 120 a 125 b 130 b 140 b Trying to write an single update statement that will do the following 1.

Asked: June 28, 2005 - am UTC Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: June 18, 2013 - pm UTC Category: Database - Version: 9.2 Viewed 100K times! I want to write SQL ( not PL/SQL ) to update transaction table from mapping table at one stroke. regards & thankspjp update ( select old.old_account_number, new.new_account_number from old_table old, mapping_table new where old.old_account_number = new.new_account_number ) set old_account_number = new_account_number;disabling foreign keys during the operation and enabling them afterward.

COMP_BLOOMBERG_CODE = xls01.col1), COMP_AMS_LST_DIVIDEND_PAID=( SELECT col16 FROM xls01 WHERE INVST_COMPANY. I see a regno (no explanation of what that is), papercode (same comment), name (i guess a student name??? I was able to define a generic cursor with ref cursor, but can't define a generic %rowtype off of that cursor. Target Table AS tgt INNER JOIN ( VALUES (1, 'a', 'k', 'x', ...), (2, 'b', 'l', 'y', ...), (3, 'c', 'm', 'z', ...) ) AS src (ID, Column1, Column2, Column3, ...) ON tgt.