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16-Apr-2020 21:14

Your window-of-opportunity to release the Wi-Fi -button is between 0,850 and 1,890 seconds from power-on.If you release earlier, it's same as not pressing them at all.As all you TCP/IP savvy people know, multicast works no matter what your computer's IP-address is.That being said, I still recommend you change the computer's IP-address to network 192.168.8/24 which is used by the E5186.

updating procedure huawei e220-89

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On an initial glance, it looks a lot like 2nd SIM-slot, but as you can see, there are 8 pins in a nice row. Below the empty SD-card slot, there is the 6-pin SIM -slot.

I have really nothing negative to say about this router.

As I just pulled this from my article-queue, I had a chance to do some follow-up with the owner.

On my tests, it was an ok piece of plastic, but obviously non-computer users don't want to mess aroud with their hardware, they just want it to work when needed. Given a E5577 and MF910, having exactly the same price and all, my choice would be the Huawei.

Typical firmware upgrade for any entwork applicance is done via web-interface.If you'll press them longer, you'll get the phrase "not in router upgrade mode" to the log, meaning that you failed.