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30-Sep-2019 11:56

The PHP empty() function works on both existent and non-existent variables.

Thus, no warning or error message is spawned even if the variable doesn't exist.

Testing can be done with the PHP empty() function: Here is a working example using the above code with the earlier presented example checkbox field.

It's presented in an iframe to show the results without reloading this page.

Each disclaimer is presented in an i Frame- and each disclaimer has a checkbox below it that must be checked in order to move forward. Now in Firefox and Google Chrome- this works great by itself because the "required" inside the 'input tag' will not let you continue unless they are checked- but in Internet Explorer (which is why this has taken me longer than 1 hour to figure out) it let's you continue to the next page no matter what is checked. Disclaim This is the page that processes the form to make sure all checkboxes are checked.

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Unchecked checkboxes and radio buttons aren't submitted.

Watch the video below and then scroll down to see the sample code.

Demo Download Sometimes you are required to limit the checkboxes to be checked.

HTML form and how to use Java Script to validate the form data by checking whether at least one option has been selected.

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Remember, radio buttons are used when you want the user to select only one option or answer to a question, and checkboxes are used when you wish to allow the user to select more than one option (if more than one option is available).If any of the checkboxes are not checked then it should send them back to the with the alert that they must check all checkboxes to continue.