Validating dea number

27-Feb-2020 07:01

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While researching the article on medical prescription, I stumbled across information on what consistutes a valid DEA number (US government's Drug Enforcement Agency).That, is the number of letters and digits and the relationship of the digits and letters within the DEA number.Samw , (UTC) Samw--thank you for adding to this post!

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For example, business activity code "C" indicates a "Practitioner".Your article on medical prescriptions (which looks very good, by the way) already contains information about prescription forgeries.I find this information interesting to know, even though I've never forged and never intend to forge a prescription.Our Prescriber Validation Service (PVS) allows pharmacies to seamlessly perform this credential check as a routine part of filling a controlled substance prescription.

PVS provides real-time access to prescriber NPI and DEA credentials, as well as state licensing information and authorization activity.These are all very simple and openly published checksums, so relying on them to prevent fraud would certainly be foolish.