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05-Aug-2020 04:23

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*At this time, users who have a username and password and access their BIS account from their Black Berry using the email setup application will not be affected.

The email setup application allows a BIS user to remember their credentials, which also helps eliminate the need for users to remember their credentials User Interface Changes Previously, WAP users were not able to view the password for their integrated accounts when switching to a new Black Berry handheld.

This means that once the email is downloaded, you can't access it from the regular Yahoo! Only one copy of each email is typically kept, and that is on your desktop computer.

Customers often forgot their credentials, which drove support calls.

Synchronization with Google Calendar is done wirelessly over the air, meaning users will not have to physically connect their devices to their computers.

If the Black Berry smartphone is also associated with an email account that uses a Black Berry Enterprise Server, the Calendar application on the device will contain entries from both the Google Calendar account and Calendar entries from the email account that uses the Black Berry Enterprise Server.

Note: Users who have a Black Berry hosted email address (, and currently do not have a password assigned to this email address will use their BIS account password for validation actions.

Once BIS 3.2 is released, the user will have to enter their BIS account password (justin BB123) when they make changes to their hosted email address from their device.

In BIS 3.2 an additional email will be sent to users 1 day prior to their token expiration with the same message that will link to a KB article with written and video instructions for how to revalidate their account *Does not apply to users who have integrated a Windows Live Hotmail email address and use the POP protocol Black Berry Email Administration Tool As part of BIS 3.2, carrier administrators will now be able to perform Black Berry Protect remote administration commands from within the Black Berry Email Administration console.