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04-Jun-2020 13:16

In other countries, the professionalization of healthcare management has not developed, or is in the early stages of development.

Many of these Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) have no formal training programs or professional associations to help set and define minimum standards and competencies for the profession.

To guide the strategy, a Charter was developed for the professionalism of healthcare management and from there to develop an international agreement on core competencies for healthcare managers who lead healthcare organizations.

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Competency models or success profiles provide consistent criteria enabling integration and alignment of talent management processes with an organization’s business goals.The shared value of all participants is professionalizing leadership and management of health systems globally.To further promote these shared values and enhance the leadership and management practices in healthcare, the Global Consortium for Healthcare Management Professionalization was created and is recognized and supported by the International Hospital Federation (2).The second half of 2013 was spent reviewing and formatting the initial competency directory.

After the group reached consensus on the competencies, the initial directory was comprised of over 300 competency statements, organized around five domains (Leadership, Communication and Relationship Management, Professional and Social Responsibility, Health and Healthcare Environment, and Business).Healthcare management as a profession continues to evolve as the field of healthcare delivery becomes more complex.

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