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If you send a large number of commands to a Microsoft Visio instance while screen updating is turned off, the Visio instance may redisplay the screen occasionally to flush its buffers. 'Turn screen updating on again when the actions are complete.

If a program neglects to turn screen updating on after turning it off, the Visio instance turns screen updating back on when a user performs an operation.

Actually, I hadn't turned screen updating off, I just needed to sprinkle Application. Screen Updating = False successfully in Office 2010.

I discovered this when buttons were being made visible or not, it wasn't updating the screen.

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Status Bar = "Please be patient..." Dim Rating As Variant, sht As Worksheet, Last Record Row As Long, i As Integer, Last Row As Long Rating = Input Box("Please Provide Weather Rating (Any Number Between 1 and 4)", "Input Needed") If Rating 4 Then Msg Box "Invalid Value, Please Enter A Valid Number! Private Sub Deselect Cell(n Target Row As Integer) ' turning cell to unselected state With Selection . Weight = xl Medium End With ' testing for top or bottom cell If (n Target Row = 4) Then ' top row With Selection . Weight = xl Medium End With Else If ((Worksheets("History Seeding"). Value = "") And _ (n Target Row when you want to be sure the screen is updated. I can open each object to update the underlying data, but I can't do it without the objects actually opening on screen.

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This takes up control of my machine until the macro is done running. An Add In by Power Point MVP Shyam Pillai (Graphupdate.ppa) does this for charts in PPT 2003 I was hoping that someone has updated this Add In for 2007/2010 and included it for Excel worksheet objects.If you are not using a User Form then try inserting Do Events in your code after you change the state of the check box. The process is as follows: What I would like it to do is during the execution of the code, as it finishes each cell, it turns off the formatting on the cell.