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22-Apr-2020 05:55

Because dudes love fake boobs, fake lesbians, fake fingernails, fake blond hair, AND TWINS! What is the fucking deal with dudes being into twins? I mean, the majority of male sexuality in this culture revolves around domination and degradation, which is where the male desire to see women pretend to be gay, submit to unenjoyable sex acts, etc.Could it actually be that men delight in the idea that women would be willing to commit incest for their viewing pleasure? comes from, so it’s only logical, but I really don’t want to believe it. I know it’s hard to believe, but these two women objectify themselves much, much more aggressively than Tila Tequila does, and they’ve got absolutely no sense of irony about it whatsoever. No, it actually turns out that the executives over at Viacom, taking note of the success of the , have decided to try out satire on one of their other networks and have geared MTV’s programming at satirizing the vapidity and misogyny of American culture. Get thee over to their website and peep a few episodes of . For those of you who can’t stomach the 20 minutes’ worth of Proactiv commercials one must suffer through in the course of an hour of MTV viewing and are wondering what the samhill I’m talking about, I’ll sum it up by saying that MTV has found a way to make an entire season of television out of the concept behind those “And twins! When I’m overseas and meet people from other countries, I cross my fingers and wish upon stars that they’ve never seen these commercials. was the first entity to broach the bizarre subject of dudes thrusting beer bottles up in the air and grabbing their dicks while yelling, “Wooohoooo, gimme some pooosay! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been utterly bewildered by the oft-referenced obsession men have with getting the chance to bang twin sisters. Because it turns out that MTV is not actually the vanguard of society’s descent into a swirling abyss of Monster Energy Drink, chocolate-scented Axe, Clearasil, and chlamydia. They are, quite simply, the most embarrassing thing American culture (which is basically nothing but a giant pile of advertisements) has ever, ever produced.Apparently the already completely insane premise of the original show, that a woman who had spent several years turning herself into the one of world’s most well-known and least interesting sex objects had decided to pretend that she was bisexual and was looking for love, just wasn’t ridiculous or offensive enough for MTV. Tequila with the Ikki twins, two former Hooters waitresses (I swear, both of them worked at Hooters) and car magazine models.

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Born in Pennsylvania, the twins’ family moved around a lot, living in nine different states before finally settling in Southern California.It almost blew my mind to see such an obvious refusal on the part of everyone involved to call attention to what was really going on.