Voice interface must be shutdown before updating

11-Sep-2019 22:10

More info Yes, all Dante AVIO adapters require a power source.

Most Dante AVIO adapters require the use of a network switch with POE (power-over-Ethernet) capabilities or the use of an 802.3af compliant Po E injector device.

This also avoids the scenario in which the failure of one device causes the entire “daisy chain” to break. While possible in principle, the practical limitations of current wireless technology (802.11a/b/g/n) render reliable audio performance, with ultra-low latency unachievable.

For this reason, Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Via will not recognize wireless connections for audio data.

Since version 9, Pro Tools supports standard Core Audio and ASIO interfaces, including Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Note: earlier versions of Pro Tools use a proprietary interface that is not compatible with Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Unofficial Gigabit adaptor cables and 100 Mbit adaptor cables are not supported.

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This PDF lists some of the switches that are not compatible with Dante.

If you have only one Dante-enabled device to connect to your computer, you may eliminate the switch and simply connect the two with a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable.

Then log into your account, and go to ‘My Products.’ Copy your Dante Via license ID, and paste it into the ‘Recover license’ field.

The audio packets can be transmitted using either unicast addressing or multicast addressing.

By default they are sent using unicast addressing, but the user can change this to multicast using the Dante Controller.Yes, you can configure static IP addresses for one or both of the Ethernet ports (for supported devices), via the Network Config tab of the Device View for the device.