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24-Dec-2019 06:14

You’ll already be familiar with a text editor if you’ve taken any Codecademy courses.

Below is the Codecademy text editor in full screen at the end of the first module of the HTML course.

On a more basic debugging level, Visual Studio Code automatically detects minor problems in your code, and takes you directly there so you can solve the problem easily.

When I was learning to code, one of the tips the teacher gave us when we don’t know how to do something was to Google it.

There is no sidebar, no options to search, no option to take you directly to the extension sidebar.

It provides a more focused layout to help you concentrate on coding.

The Visual Studio layout bears a similarity to Codecademy’s own text editor layout in its simplicity and ease of use.

For example, if you decide to attend a Meetup or in-person coding course, they will use a downloadable text editor, and you’ll need to install this to work on projects both in class and at home.In reality, this is a full screen mode that allows you to edit code with no distractions.

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