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18-Jun-2020 09:49

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I've seen a transformation — as an abled-bodied man he had his perspective of sexuality and love in the disabled community. A mind stretched by new ideas can never return to its original dimensions, you know?

So as soon as you become disabled now you cannot move or walk or sashay.The first thing I thought when I was in the hospital was 'How am I going to make love to my husband?' There’s no book on that.""In rehab they show you a sex video that's very outdated.Rockwood is paralysed from the neck down, which means that she can't move her body into sexual positions without her boyfriend's help.

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She's just one of several subjects in the film — some of them quadriplegic like Rockwood, some paraplegic (meaning that they have control of their upper bodies), and one amputee.

I don't see sex as just physical, but also spiritual and emotional.