Why do i get so much spam from dating sites

06-Aug-2020 11:52

The first step in their process is to collect the images and videos, the second is to find your true identity so they can track down family, friends or work colleagues. You may have already told them during conversations and messages.

If you agreed to a webcam meeting using a tool such a Google Hangouts it will expose your email address and that may connect them to a Google Plus, Facebook or Linkedin account.

This allows the blackmailer to simply drag and drop your picture into a Google Image Search and it will reveal all the websites that you have used the same image.

They will then know all your friends, family members and work colleagues.

Over the past few years many affiliate programs have transitioned to paying commission when a new free sign up is generated, rather than paying when a sale is made.

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The sites are typically adult dating focused with branding to entice males to join.

So the scam is very simple, they ask you to join another site which they claim they use.

You will not loose money but remember the person who is asking you to join another site is a career criminal, they are not a single person looking for a relationship. Sextortion is blackmail with the threat of sharing your erotic pictures.

Such as no phone, broken webcam or away and not contactable.

You can perform background checks yourself with Google Image Search (just at the sextortion scammer will do) and request a validation photo with them holding an object of your choice.

You will be blackmailed for them to keep your images and videos private.