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That’s why so many women shoot semi-automatic shotguns: the semi-automatics bring a reasonable weight to the game while at the same time can potentially reduce felt recoil better than an over/under. Try to shoot a shotgun that’s too long and you’ll find yourself leaning back — the complete opposite of a well-balanced shooter who is supposed to rotate off her front foot.Try to shoot a shotgun that’s too short (let’s say a youth shotgun), and you could find your face creeping up the stock, and screwing up the alignment between your eye and the beads.Therefore, five important shotgun stock dimensions that need to be evaluated specifically for women: Fire a shotgun and the gas from the ignited powder forces the pellets out of the hull, along the barrel and toward the target — with an equal reaction manifesting itself as felt recoil.

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For many women, the problem with moving to a heavier gun is their upper-body strength.Semi-automatic shotguns — or autoloaders as they’re also known — are prized for their low felt recoil compared with over/unders.A semi-automatic uses some of the expanding gases from the fired shell to cycle the next one into the chamber.With the average men’s shotgun weighing 7-8 pounds, shooting a box of 25 shells at clay targets can be downright exhausting — the problem compounded by the onslaught of that equal and opposite reaction.

However, a heavier shotgun requires greater strength in the arms and shoulders.Each one of these anatomical differences has an impact on your ability to handle an off-the-shelf shotgun.

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